Crystal Infused Wood Incense Burner in Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Kyanite, or Tigers Eye

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Crystal Energy Infused Wooden Incense Burners for meditation, yoga, or just to make your home smell beautiful. Choose from Black Tourmaline, Kyanite, Amethyst, Tigers Eye; combine with your choice of brass inlays - Moon and Stars, Ohm and Stars, or Diamond. Comes with two complimentary incense sticks.

  • Black Tourmaline - Protection and Cleansing
  • Kyanite - Spirituality and Connection
  • Amethyst - Creativity and Intuition
  • Tigers Eye - Harmony and Balance

These are handmade with love, please embrace variation <3. When choosing the little crystal chips for these incense burners I don't just pick at random, I consider the size, color, and clarity of each stone that I select. Each is unique and created with positive energy.

Feel free to send a message if you are looking for a different type of crystal or if you would like a customized burner with a combination of multiple different stones.

Looking for Incense? check out my Nag Champa listing! (This type of incense is a popular choice in yoga studios and crystal shops, it's a cozy, comforting, and intoxicating scent).

All items bought from us are properly cleansed and charged with positive energy before being sent off to their forever homes. Thank you for supporting small business!