Love Spray. Invite Romance, Selflove, Peace, Friendship. Moon Water Crystal Sage Spray

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This Love Spray is created with intention to invite love, selflove, friendship, and peace into your life. Using Rose Quartz and Carnelian crystals with charged full moon water, and rose & lavender essential oils; this fragrance is light, fresh, and relaxing.

- Rose Quartz is the universal love stone, opening the heart to trust, acceptance, and peace.
- Carnelian is a powerful stone that works with sacral chakra energy to boost sexuality and sensuality.

This energizing moon water crystal spray comes in a glass bottle with a reliable ultra-fine mist sprayer. It is created using charged full moon water and natural essential oils, infused with Rose Quartz and Carnelian crystals.

*Please note essential oils may settle on the top and cause slight color variations. Shake well with each use :)

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