Metal w/ Quartz Point Pendulum for Divination, Chakra Balancing, & Meditation

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Pendulums are powerful spiritual tools that can be used to provide guidance by accessing your higher self as well as your spirit guides. They can also be used to identify when Chakras are out of balance in order to help with realignment and healing.

While holding the top of the pendulum chain center yourself and be still, then ask a Yes or No question and observe the swing of the pendulum:

  • Right to left/Side to side = No
  • Up & Down/Forward & Back = Yes
  • Circular Swing = Neutral

For healing practices, hold the pendulum over the body on each specific Chakra location (you will need a partner to perform this on yourself). Observe the swing of the pendulum:

  • Clockwise = Open, flowing energy
  • Counter Clockwise = Underactive, Backwards flowing energy
  • No Movement = Closed Chakra, no energy flowing
  • Erratic Movement = Open but partial blocked
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